Advisory Water Commission Fact Sheet


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LEGAL AUTHORITY: SJC Flood Control & Water Conservation District Act, Section 7 (Stats. 1956, Chapter 46), SJC Flood Control & Water Conservation District Ordinance #1-F; Board of Supervisors’ Resolution R-86-438 & Ordinance #3457 dated 1/31/89; Board Order B-90-44 dated 1/9/90; & Ordinance #3920 dated 3/18/97.


MEMBERSHIP, QUALIFICATIONS, & RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: The Commission shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors, & it shall consist of not more than 41 Members, including 19 Regular & 19 Alternate Members plus 3 Ex-Officio Members. The Regular & Alternate Members of the Commission shall serve for staggered 4 Year Terms at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors, EXCEPT that in the event of a vacancy in office, a Commissioner appointed to fill that vacancy shall serve for the unexpired term of that vacancy. In the event that a Regular Member cannot attend a meeting of the Commission, the Alternate Member may attend & serve as a Full Regular Member during such absences. The Board of Supervisors shall appoint as Regular Members to the Commission, 1 Representative & 1 Alternate from 2 or more NOMINEES submitted by the following:

  1. North San Joaquin Water Conservation District;

  2. Stockton East Water District;

  3. Central San Joaquin Water Conservation District;

  4. South Delta Water Agency;

  5. Central Delta Water Agency;

  6. Woodbridge Irrigation District;

  7. City of Stockton;

  8. City of Lodi;

  9. City of Manteca;

  10. City of Ripon;

  11. City of Escalon;

  12. City of Tracy;

  13. City of Lathrop;

  14. South San Joaquin Irrigation District;

  15. Oakdale Irrigation District;

  16. The Irrigation & Water Districts of Southwestern San Joaquin County which are not specifically listed above.

  17. At-Large Representative who is a Consumer of Water;

  18. Board of Supervisor Member;

  19. Environmental/Fish & Wildlife Organization Member.

The Director of Public Works or their designee, & the County Counsel or their designee, & 1 Representative of the California Water Service Company shall serve as Ex-Officio Members of the Commission. These Ex-Officio Members shall not make motions or offer resolutions, or vote as Members of the Commission, but may participate in Commission discussion. The Ex-Officio Members shall not receive compensation for their services other than the compensation to which they are otherwise entitled as County or District Officers or Employees.


TERM: 4 Year Term. The office of any Commissioner may be declared Vacant in the event a Commissioner is absent from 3 Consecutive Meetings, unless said absences are excused by the Chairperson of the Commission.


DUTIES: To study & make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors which sits as the governing body of the San Joaquin County Flood Control District, on matters of concern, including: flood control, drainage water conservation, water distribution, underground water conditions, water pollution, District water needs, exportation, supplemental supplies, salinity control, water rights, recreation & State and Federal projects of benefit to the District, water quality, recreation activities & development in connection with water conservation & flood control activities.


MEETING DATE & LOCATION: 3rd Wednesday of every month at 1:00 p.m., San Joaquin County Public Health Department Conference Room, 1601 E Hazelton Ave., Stockton, California  95205, or Special Meetings if required.



Cathy McKinney

San Joaquin County

Department of Public Works

1810 E. Hazelton Avenue

Stockton, CA 95205

(209) 468-3089



Last Updated on September 7, 2005