Zone 9

On December 19, 1961, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors created Flood Zone 9 to provide for maintenance of existing channels, levees and associated structures.  Water Code Appendix section 79-3 authorizes the creation of flood control zones. Zone 9 maintains 107 miles of “project” channels and 216 miles of “project” levees in accordance with agreements with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the California Department of Water Resources and approximately 100 miles of non-project channels.  “Project” levees and channels are those constructed as part of a State or Federal flood control project.  These projects are maintained in accordance with the State Department of Water Resources and USACE mandates.   Non-project channels are existing unimproved waterways that carry storm runoff.     The San Joaquin County Public Works Water Resources Division maintains the channels and levees.  

On March 8, 1988, the Board of Supervisors approved Resolution R-88-230 which adopted the original Engineer’s Report recommending an increase in the services and Benefit Assessments for the San Joaquin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Zone 9; and which called for a vote (by ballot) of the affected land owners within Zone 9 to authorize the levying and continued levying of the increased Benefit Assessments.  The eligible voters in Zone 9 approved a ballot measure on June 7, 1988 for the levying and continued levying of the increased Benefit Assessments for Zone 9.

Zone 9 is presently funded by a combination of a portion of property taxes and from property assessments that fund maintenance of the project channels and levees and the non-project channels at the service levels described below:

 Maintenance services on project and non-project channels* and project levees include:

  • Vegetation control
  • Streambed clearing
  • Erosion control

Enhanced maintenance services on project channels and levees include:

  • Vegetation control by mechanical methods
  • Rodent control
  • Patrol road maintenance

*Non-project channels are maintained as funding, resources and time allow.