Stormwater Program

Welcome to the San Joaquin County Stormwater Program website. Stormwater and runoff from sprinklers or hoses may wash pollutants from streets, industrial or commercial facilities, construction sites, and the urban landscape into storm drains. Eventually, this runoff may flow into local streams, creeks, and ravines without being treated. The County of San Joaquin implements a series of programs and activities throughout the community to help protect the local water resources. By visiting this website you can learn more about how you can help us make a difference! 

What Is Stormwater Pollution?

Rain water that isn’t absorbed into the ground flows over various surfaces throughout the urban landscape - this is stormwater. As stormwater flows over rooftops, pavement, and streets, it may pick up pollutants such as animal waste, automobile fluids, fertilizers, trash, and pesticides, which may then be carried into the storm drains and harm local waterways.


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How You Can Make A Difference

We all have a part to play in preventing stormwater pollution. Visit the pages below to see how you can help.


Residents: Get involved and explore how San Joaquin County residents can help prevent stormwater pollution with simple actions.

Businesses: Understand how businesses can help prevent stormwater pollution.

Development: Learn about stormwater pollution prevention requirements for development and redevelopment projects.

Construction: Find best practices for preventing pollution during construction projects.

Get Involved: Contact us, find events to attend, and report illicit discharges.