Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM)

IRWM is a DWR supported grant program by which communities can receive State bond funding from sources such as Proposition 1 and Proposition 68 recently passed by voters.  The predecessor to the ESJGWA, the Northeastern San Joaquin County Groundwater Basin Authority (GBA) existed in part to administer the Eastern San Joaquin County IRWM Plan 2014 Update.  DWR’s most recent 2016 IRWM Plan standards require a significant update to the 2014 IRWM Plan in order to remain eligible for funding.  On February 20, 2019, the Advisory Water Commission recommended that staff work to transition the IRWM Plan that expands membership into a governance structure that better represents stakeholders in the community and makes the region more competitive in securing grant funding.  To initiate the effort and complete an IRWM update, the Zone 2 budget reflects an allocation of $200,000 for related costs.

The San Joaquin County Public Works Water Resources Division is an active participant in the San Joaquin River Funding Region, which includes seven IRWM Regions that extend from South Sacramento and Eastern Contra Costa Counties to Fresno County. The San Joaquin River Funding Area has been allocated a total of $31 million from Proposition 1 to be split among the seven IRWM regions.  The seven IRWM Regions have also tentatively agreed to a minimum allocation for each Region with $6.5 million of the $31 million total allocated to the Greater San Joaquin Funding Region for IRWM Projects.  Additionally, the Greater San Joaquin IRWM Region secured $148,000 in grant funding to develop projects specifically benefitting Disadvantaged Communities that are included in the Zone 2 budget.