Trash Disposal

Did you know that 80% of trash that ends up in our waterways comes from land? Trash that is thrown or left on the ground often gets blown or washed into storm drains, streams, creeks, rivers, and eventually the ocean. The image below shows the various ways that trash can get into the local waterways.

How You Can Prevent Trash Pollution

Each of us has a responsibility to prevent trash from being improperly disposed of. 

  • Never dispose of anything in storm drains or drainage ditches.
  • Place all trash in a trash can.
  • Keep trash bin lids closed and secure to prevent trash from falling or being blown out.
  • If you see trash in your neighborhood, pick it up and properly dispose of it in a trash can.
  • Clean leaves and trash out of your rain and street gutters.
  • When spending time outdoors, collect any trash you generate until you can throw it in a trash can.
  • Keep a trash bag in your car and never throw anything out of your car window.
  • When hauling materials in a truck bed, enclose your loads or cover with a tarp to prevent anything from falling or blowing off the back.