Groundwater is a part of a diversified water supply in California.  Groundwater storage is an alternative (or augmentation) to surface water storage and serves as a buffer that agriculture and urban users can tap into for use during prolonged dry periods.  The current drought, as well as decades of chronic overuse of groundwater, is depleting these levels across the state.  In California, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was established as a State-mandated framework for sustainable groundwater management by local Groundwater Sustainable Agencies (GSAs).  Two groundwater subbasins in San Joaquin County are subject to SGMA:

Semi-Annual Groundwater Reports

Since the Fall of 1971, the San Joaquin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) has monitored groundwater levels and groundwater quality throughout San Joaquin County and has published the data in the Semi-annual Groundwater Report.  This report utilizes data from Federal, State and local government agencies as well as non-governmental sources.

The San Joaquin County Groundwater Data Center (GDC) is a Countywide centralized groundwater information wehicle that provides access to groundwater data collected and shared by agencies throughout San Joaquin County.  Over the internet, water interests including groundwater users, Basin stakeholders, industry professionals, decision makers, and the general public will be able to access historic groundwater data.  Click here for more information: